Sunday, June 5, 2011


We have launched The Executive's Decision in eBook form!  AND it is available in Regular Strength and Sweetened.

Why two versions of the same book?  When my first publisher chose to change the format to a family friendly format I wasn't very excited about the tone of my voice being changed.  However, I decided to embrace it and welcome a different opportunity.  At 5 Prince Publishing we decided that every story could be told in different ways.  The Regular Strength Romance has the workings of a classic romance.  The adult situations are treated as such.  The Sweetened Versions of the books offer a lighter take.  The language is cleaned up and anything that happens in bedrooms stays in bedrooms and not on the page.  One of my largest fan bases are 13 year olds.  This will offer them a better reading opportunity as well as those who do not prefer the adult situations presented in other romances.  They will also offer a Strong and Steamy Version of some stories, however, not every story will be enhanced for this option.

The print versions of my books are on their way.  You can find links to all my books on my site at and

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Sweetened Version:
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If you enjoy my books let me know by dropping me a line.  I will even post some of the reader reviews on my site!

Happy Reading!!!
Bernadette Marie

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  1. I just finished reading The Executive's Decision on my Nook and loved it!!! I found myself stealing moments to read a little bit more every chance I had...great work...I love happy endings!

    I will be on the look out for your next masterpiece.