Saturday, May 7, 2011

Patience and More Patience

I am the mother of 5 young boys.  I know patience.  I am an author.  Waiting for a book to release requires patience.  Having a hand in the publishing process, now again, I'm glad I have patience.

Life is funny how it twists and turns.  You have your schedule, your editor and your beta readers have theirs.  Sometimes they meld and sometimes they clash.  The worst part is you never know when that clash will happen.

The Executive's Decision is currently in the process of being reviewed by the printer.  Already the cover has come back twice.  The editing was bumped around because of Karate testings, the death of my grandmother and my editor's grandmother too, misc. travels that came about, and last but certainly not least my head injury I sustained just last week which makes computer work much harder.  But in the end we have the very best work coming out for my readers in just a few weeks.  And with this being the debut book for my publishing house I could not be more proud.  I will admit, this rates right up there with the birth of my children.  In a way I suppose it is just that, another child.  I created it.  I molded it.  I named it.  I've labored over it.  And soon I will cradle it in my arms and share my joy with the world.  (And then they too can cradle it in their arms.)

The publishing world over the years has certainly tested my patience, but I think I've learned so much and am a better person, author, and publisher because of it.

Happy Reading!
Bernadette Marie

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