Monday, July 18, 2011

The Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess blog, huh?  What does that mean?

I'll admit that writing has always been a journey for myself.  I enjoy the creation and the nurturing of the story and the characters.  I've written almost twenty books since I was thirteen and am proud of each of them.  Each character is special to me.  However, it's not so much the writing for yourself as it is the sharing.  In 2009 I began to let others read my stories.  My first book MATCHMAKERS (Snowy Creek Romance release 4/2010) was the first book I let out into the world and into the hands of people I didn't know completely.  That said, my sister wasn't the only person reading me.  The response was overwhelming.  Even more amazing was what my readers were taking with them from the story.

Within my romance is another kind of love story.  The kind where the lost soul of a teenager and the lost soul of our heroine have a moment of bonding.  Where they find they do have something more in common than just the man the woman loves and the father the teenager isn't willing to let go of.  Each of them have physical scars that they hide from the world.  (Emotional ones too, but the turning point focuses on the physical scars.)  Sophia hides her scars with clothing and scarves.  Carissa hides hers with bracelets and long sleeves.  (No scars are from self inflicted wounds.)  But at a pivotal moment in the story each woman embraces their scars and the journey which gave them those scars.  They bond over this one likeness and find there are so many likenesses.  The women claim themselves warriors, as warriors have scars from battles they have fought and survived.

When my readers read this the emails and phone calls poured in.  Each of us had scars.  Physical or emotional, there was something in each woman who read about Sophia and Carissa.  Because the duo were shopping for party favors at the time, in the book, and had just been trying on tiaras, the term Warrior Princess emerged.

My readers and I have embraced this term for the past two years and made it our calling.  Every woman has a story of survival.  Whether it be battling cancer or a fear.  Maybe they had healing to do from a bad relationship or a car accident, like Sophia.  Some simply survived the teenage years of self torment to become adults.  Whatever journey each woman took they made that journey as a warrior.  Likewise, every woman is a princess and deserves some royal treatment.

I encourage you to share your Warrior Princess story with us by leaving us a post.  Feel free to use the Warrior Princess symbol on your sites or emails as well.  I've added it to this posting.  Together we are a team.  A team of Warrior Princesses making a difference in the lives of others and in our own.

And that is why my writing blog is called Warrior Princess.  Even romance novels can bring people together.

Happy Reading!
Bernadette Marie

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