Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Blogger Lori Corsentino

I am thrilled to have Lori Cosentino blogging with us today.  Lori's debut novel is part of the Finding Ms. Wright anthology, from 5 Prince Publishing, which will launch next week.  Welcome back, Lori Corsentino!

As a reader, I always wondered how authors developed their characters. In the books I truly enjoyed, the characters seemed to walk of the page, sit down next to me, and tell me their story. As I read, I would find myself totally associating and sympathizing with the heroine, and, of course, falling in love with the hero. I would root for both of them to overcome whatever it was they needed to overcome, and would sigh with relief, and satisfaction, at the happily ever after.

Wow – seeing it spelled out that way it all seems quite sappy. But I’m a romantic, and that’s what I love. A sappy, happy ending.

Evelyn and Alexander introduced themselves to me at different times during my writing journey. Alexander, I’m going to call him Alex, even though he really dislikes that, was first. He walked right in one morning and started telling me all about how he was waiting for his love, The One, to awaken him. And could I please get a move on, because he had things to do, namely capturing an evil Wizard and stopping an inter-world war.

I got moving!

Evelyn came soon afterwards. I was working with my critique group at the time when she finally noticed I’d been calling for her. She strode over and immediately introduced herself, saying, “Hello. I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Wright. But you can call me Evie.” Looking over my shoulder she watched me write notes. “What are you doing?” she asked.

And so she was born.

Getting these two together was quite interesting. I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to so, and once I put it in motion, they just picked everything up and ran off with it! It’s been quite an interesting ride, with many twists and turns.

I’ve discovered that Evie is a true study of contrasts. She’s hesitant, even suspicious at first, but once she embraces something, she gives it her all. She is strong, independent, and willful, except of course when has a weaker moment and needs to be held and comforted and surrounded by love. To me, she sounds like a typical woman.

Alex, on the other hand, is strong, steadfast, and true. He knows exactly what he needs to do, and how he needs to do it. He’s hard working and not above getting his hands dirty. He’s loyal to his people and not above doing whatever it takes to protect those who he considers his, namely Evelyn and his two sisters, Annora and Analiese. He’s also regal, arrogant, and haughty, but what else would you expect from a Prince? So, I supposed in his own way, he’s also a study of contrasts.

The chemistry between these two began immediately. As soon as Evie set eyes on her Prince, she was enchanted. The story of how he came to be in the chamber where she found him fascinated her, but she was sick with the thought that maybe she was the one and only person in the world that could help him. There was such responsibility associated with the whole thing. But he was just so hot, and there was much at stake, how could she say no? In true Evie fashion, she pondered and questioned, then made up her mind, took hold of it all, and ran with it.

For Alex, it was love at first sight. She had rescued him from the purgatory he’d endured for almost 500 years. How could he not love her? Being totally attracted to her was just a bonus. He loved everything about her - her thoughtful periods as well as her manic. He admired her independence and her strength, and adored her vulnerability and emotions. In true Prince Alexander fashion, he captures her in a very large net that gives her the illusion of freedom, but keeps her close to him. He always opens the net when she sees it and freaks out, but she never quite leaves it. She’ll walk to the opening, turn and see him waiting for her within the net, and goes back to him.

Now that’s love!

Together, these two can do anything. I hope they touch my reader’s hearts as much as they did mine.


Lori CorsentinoLori’s love of reading has transcended to include penning her own tales of romance. She is experimenting with writing in several different genres, including paranormal – a definite favorite. “There is just so much you can do when you step outside the known world,” she explains “and creating a paranormal story allows you to take yourself and your readers anywhere your imagination wants to go!” Her debut novella, Evelyn, will be published as part of the Finding Ms. Wright: Three Tales of Extraordinary Love anthology available from 5 Prince Publishing in November.

Coming November 15th in eBook and November 25 in paperback Finding Ms. Wright: Three Tales of Extraordinary Love 

Three men, each on a crucial mission to save their way of life, seek their true soul mates -women who unknowingly hold the key to their very survival.


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  2. A wonderful blog, Lori. I can't wait to read the three anthologies about love.

  3. Thanks, Kay! I'm really excited about the anthology. It's really a unique set of stories with an amazing common thread. I hope you enjoy them all! : )

  4. Hi, Lori! This sounds wonderful. I'm so looking forward to reading Finding Ms. Wright.

  5. Hello Vi! Thanks so much for your support. Yeah, I'm thinking it's going to be pretty awesome. See what 4 determined CRW members can do? : )

  6. Great post, Lori! I love Alex and Evie so much! Can't wait to read your story!

  7. Thanks, Hill! Ditto on Sia. 5 days and counting!!!! : )