Monday, April 30, 2012

A little too perfect

Knowing people will critique your books the moment you let someone read it has to be the hardest thing to face as an author. I've been blessed to have multiple best sellers and to have published eight (I think) great books. Still, my hands sweat and my heart beats at a very unnatural rhythm when I go in search of those reviews.

For the most part I've been blessed. The majority of those who offered to share their opinion were kind. Even most of the not so great reviews were kind. But boy do you learn a lot about your writing style!

To most I have good dialogue. Now I see that as a great plus. But my heroes are too perfect and my heroines too whiney. And when pointed out I do see that. My mind begins to search for the perfect way to enhance them. What will my next set of characters do (or not do) now that I see them through someone else's eyes?

Sure, not everyone who picks up my book is going to be one of my diehard fans. (Though those that are thrill me!). But because I'm an artist (and a mother) I aim to please.

So to my next heroine, my wish for you, stop being so wishy washy. (yes I see it.). And to my hero (though I know and love so many softies) grow some, will ya?!?

To everyone who has left their thoughts, I thank you. It takes guts to put your opinion out there, as it did for me to share my story. I hope that through each comment I can continue to be a better writer.

Happy Reading!
Bernadette Marie

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