Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest is like a good book!

I've been blessed to have people get carried into my books and fall in love with the characters. I've had reviews where the reader felt as though they were in the book, or they knew the people that were.

That's the life of a book, right? To take us away and make us feel the way the characters feel. To make me fall in love again, have a new job, be a blonde for a day, or whatever.

Pinterest does that for me too. If you are one of the only people who haven't fallen into this huge time waster, you should stop by. :) It makes me as happy as a good love story.

When I "like" or "repin" a weight loss secret I feel ten pounds lighter. I'm sure I could cook that amazing crock pot meal and the seven others that I just pinned and thought about putting in my freezer for my big family. Oh, and the clothes! Every outfit without a body would fit me just right. I'm a walking fashion plate (seated in front of my laptop, in my pajamas, cup of coffee in hand.) Don't even get me started on the fashion empire I could start with the DIY jewelry I could make!

The point is, it carries me away, like a good book. For a minute (or 90) I can imagine all of those things are within my reach...and I'm happy.

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  1. I love Pinterest and all the different boards I can create.