Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Guests: Day 4, YOU...leave a comfort for CT

Today's post was supposed to Rebekah Roberts's, and her post will be rescheduled. In fact, truth be had, I just didn't get her post up because I have 5 sons and they have ALL been sick.  Last night alone I saw every 30 minutes of the night.  The joys of being a mother...but I mean that sincerely. 

I have decided, very late in the day, now that I have a moment to sit at my computer--Rebekah deserves a full day. And so I give this post to YOU!

Yesterday, we all sat back and watched a horrific tragedy unfold. Many of us with children panicked and only wanted to run to our local schools and hold our children.

First, my thoughts and prayers go to the families and the community devastated by the shootings in Connecticut. I have seen my child slip from me and doctors work to revive him. I know what it feels like to know someone you love so much might be taken away from you. I am blessed, he is nearly eight years old and here for me to love on any time I want to. So the feelings those parents are going through...I never want to feel...ever.

So, as YOUR post I ask you to please come together as a community. Leave a comment below of prayer and condolence.  Leave wise and thoughtful words. Do not condemn, just praise. Let your joyful voice be heard to comfort this community and the nation feeling such loss.

Please note, that we all have our political opinions, we will leave those out. (and I will take them out if they are left.) This is only for us to use as a moment to connect.  Pray for each child and adult lost. Know them. Let their faces imprint on your heart. I walked among the memorabilia from Columbine...I remember their names. I connected with a 9/11 victim's family that I didn't know before...but I remember the name of a family man who was lost. People I was connected to died in the Aurora shooting...I will never forget. Just as this tragedy...I will not forget. I want peace to follow them into heaven, so I shall pray for them by name and I will remember.


  1. Thank you for this post. I sat at my desk at work yesterday listening to the reports and holding back tears as I thought about all those innocent children that had their lives taken at such a young age. I pray for the families and friends that lost loved ones, and I also pray that the survivors do not suffer from the scars left by this terrible and tragic event.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those young children. Having kids of my own, I hate that we have to worry about something as tragic as this happening when they should be in the safest place when away from your arms. My condolences to the families of not just the kids who were lost, but also to the children who lost their parents.

  3. A very sad day for America. Many millions of tears have been shed since this news shattered numerous hearts. God has a plan, but it is at times like this we have great difficulty understanding what that plan is. I like to believe that God wanted these souls home with Him.

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