Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank you Nora Ephron!

Sleepless in Seattle  1993
I'm not much of a television watcher, but I do have some very favorite movies! In my opinion there isn't much that beats a Nora Ephron movie marathon!

If you're a child of the eighties you're very familiar with the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Nora Ephron knew they were the key to the very real, and fun, characters she created. They weren't too complex. There wasn't anything so horrible about any of their characters that you absolutely had to overcome that flaw to like them. They were witty, funny, and completely normal!

When Harry Met Sally...  1989
It wasn't until I was folding laundry one day, watching my favorite movie YOU'VE GOT MAIL, when I realized what an influence she had on my character building. I mean, when I sit down to create a character I want them to be as realistic, witty, and as fun as Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly! I wanted my characters to be the friends you keep close and understand, yet are excited to sit down with them, over a cup of coffee, and listen to the musings of their life.

You've Got Mail 1998
I'd like to think I accomplished that with the characters I have created. I wanted readers to feel as though they were one of the Kellers. Can you imagine sitting at a table having dinner and a glass of wine with Regan, Madeline, Arianna, and Simone? Of course you can, because this is how I developed them. If you've read the series, you know that Arianna would be easy going. She'd be the one cracking jokes and teasing you about your sex life. Madeline would be the one laughing at it all, yet, she wouldn't have too much to say. She'd just be taking it all in and enjoying the moment.  Regan would be calculating the proper tip for the bill and finding the next available date you could all get together.  Then Simone would be battling herself. Though comfortable in her own skin, she'd still be trying to decide if it was okay to sit back in her chair and put her pinkie down when she drank her coffee. Everyone at the table would be able to finish the others' sentences. These are the kinds of friends you want to have in your own life, and this is why I made them as personable as they are...Just as Nora Ephron would do.

Nora Ephron
Will the Kellers ever be personified on film? Well, only time will tell, but I'd love to think they'd be the kind of characters that you'd want to watch again and again while you fold laundry for a feel good moment.

Thank you Nora Ephron for all the wonderful moments you've given me.  I hope I can continue what you brought forth.

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