Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Randomness! I live my life by it.

You might be surprised to know that as an author, a housekeeper, a mother, or insert any other occupation I currently hold, I use a randomizer to organize my day and my life.

With 5 kids choosing a seating arrangement in the car is a nightmare. One person only got the front seat for a half a mile, while the other sat there for three hours. And the argument ensues. Yes...I have a randomizer app on my phone and a set of seating charts depicting every possible option associated with a number and decided by who gets the front seat on what day. Oh my, when these boys start in you'd think the end of the world had come. No, it all comes down to who has to sit where.

As an author of over a dozen published books, and more on the way, you might figure names are not coming at me as quickly as they might have in the beginning. When you name a character the task is as important as naming your child. But, the Internet can almost save the day always...and yes, there are many name randomizer sites. If you have a name you like it'll pick a surname. Don't know what kind of name you want you can plug in all sorts of wild things and it'll produce you a list. If you've read any of my books, you might have met Sophia Burkhalter...yes...a name randomized character. Not too shabby.

I plug in almost anything into a randomizer. Never diagnosed, but I assume I have a form of adult ADD. Keeping things random helps me with my head when it goes a million different directions. I'll make a housekeeping list...and randomize it.  I'll make a set of menus...and randomize them. What an amazing tool.

So, now to focus on blog topics. There are many a website out there with topics on anything and everything! You might have guessed. I took a list from a website you feel it? I randomized it. Now looking at this list of 176 one word topics I feel free and enthusiastic about figuring out how to tie in my writer site with the word FEET. I guess you'll see how I do as that is the second word on the list.

And I guess I did pretty good with this randomizing. When you figure my list of 176 actually turned into a list of 177, since I just wrote a whole blog post on randomizing!

Have a very random and wonderfully mixed up day!
Bernadette Marie

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