Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Author Spotlight/Interview with Ann Brown

Today I am pleased to have with me fellow Coloradoan, Ann Brown. A small animal veterinarian in Broomfield, Colorado, Ann Brown lives in Colorado with her husband, a musician, their two children, and two crazy dogs. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, Colorado Romance Writers, and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. You can learn more about Ann at www.annbrownauthor.com.

Q: What genres do you write?
A:I write historical romance and contemporary new adult psychological thrillers.
My published works include: Free Me, a historical romance set in 1840 Victorian England, Rescue Me, the second novel in a trilogy of sisters, and Claim Me, a novella related to the historical romance trilogy. My third novel of the trilogy will be titled Heal Me. I blend adventure and suspense into my historical romance. The stories differ from other historical romance novels in that the characters are not steeped in the riches of the aristocracy. The characters learn life’s lessons via peril and adventure.
My contemporary new adult psychological thriller, Bukowik, is a work in progress, a not-under-contract manuscript. I work daily on this piece, and hold it close to my heart. I dream of releasing Bukowik to publication someday. The story must reach absolute perfection before I submit it to a publisher.

Q: What is the hardest part of writing your book?
A:The hardest part of writing anything to me is exposing my vulnerable nature to the criticisms of others.

Q: Why do you think people should choose your books over others?
A:Ha! Ha-ha. That’s funny. I think people should choose the books they most want to read. Period.

Q: How long have I been a writer?
A: I was born a writer. Forty-three years, ten months, three days, and six hours.

Q: What would you like readers to know about you? About your work?
A: My work’s theme centers on fortitude in the face of adversity. I want my work to heal, to uplift, to give hope.

Tell us 5 misillanious things about yourself.
1.     I was born the 5th of 6 kids in a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan in 1969.
2.     I love the color indigo blue.
3.     Horses are beautiful creatures.
4.     I like Kundalini yoga, numerology, and belly dancing.
5.     I love, love, love music. Wilco is my current favorite.

Please tell us about future projects you have coming up.
As far as future projects and up-coming releases, Bukowik is high on my list. Heal Me is a close second for projects to complete. After Bukowik and Heal Me are completed, I’d like to work on a second new adult psychological thriller titled Lockhart. Lockhart is a story about a young woman who struggles to identify a career choice. Perfect for new adult. Perfect for mid-life too. (Hee-hee)
Check out these links:
Check out my website at: www.annbrownauthor.com
Follow me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/amn110869
PS: My website is due for an update, and a blog is coming soon. J

Here is more on Ann's books.

Blurb for Free Me:

Isabelle McAllister is incarcerated for murdering her father, and later transferred to an insane asylum. Robert Easterman is accused of thievery by his lover, and temporarily contained at an institution for the criminally insane. The two convicts escape, race through the countryside, and sequester themselves in a secret glade. Isabelle and Rob assuage angst in each other’s arms. Twists of fate, deception, and family tragedy divide the lovers, but ultimately nothing deters the devotion of one man for an escaped murderess, and nothing deters the love of one small woman for the man who would dare to rescue her.

Blurb for Rescue Me:

A beautiful commoner, Angela, ever a victim, runs from shame, and is chased by rapists into an abandoned coal mine. A powerful aristocrat, Tom, trapped by familial obligations, refutes his father’s wishes, and uncovers a nefarious scheme. The commoner and the aristocrat are forced together when an unfortunate accident blinds the nobleman. Angela nurses Tom in an abandoned mining barracks, and they fall in love. But…the evil greed of Tom’s father intervenes, and throws the lovers into peril via manipulation, lies, and abduction. Angela and Tom are forced to move earth, literally and figuratively, for the sake of love.

Blurb for Claim Me:

Elysse McComb, an orphan, lives and works as a seamstress for aristocrats. She hates her subservient status, rebels, and finds herself without money, support, or a home.

Blue Hamilton, born the heir of a Scottish duke, works as a horse trainer in England. Frustrated by a lifetime of forced hiding, he fights for justice, his identity, his life.

Elysse and Blue crash together and are chased across Great Britain on their quest for renewed destinies. They forge into southern Scotland, and evade a power-hungry madman in order to claim security, truth, and love. 

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