Friday, November 11, 2011

FRIDAY FREEBIE with Christine Leov Lealand

It's FRIDAY FREEBIES!!!  This is always one of the GREAT parts of the week.  After Great Interviews, Awesome Guest Blogs, Something insightful from myself, now its time for FREE STUFF!  How can you win?  Just comment!  That's right!  Leave a comment (and an email address too please.  Don't want to leave that here?  You can email me directly at  On Saturday morning I will pick a random winner (well I won't, the randomizer will!)  And you could win an AWESOME Erotic tale from Christine Leov Leland!

 So... without further ado... here is Christine Leov Lealand!
Quintessence: Erotic Adventures of Fantasy and Desire by Christine Leov Lealand
 Tiffany and Sam are long term lovers... bored with each other. Louise longs for a Dominant Mistress - will she ever find the woman she dreams of? Bet longs for her first lover, he is a politician now - dare she contact him again? Fiona is happily single - then a hippy dude starts giving her flowers – is he crazy?
Awaken your innermost sexual desires with this remarkable and original novel from New Zealand's foremost author of erotic fiction. Every kind of sensual, erotic and lesbian bdsm fantasy is available in this in your face, orgasm a page novel.
Make sure you have your sexual partner of choice nearby as you delve into the delights of this delicious sexual adventure which proves that while New Zealand may not have a reputation for sexuality like France... this island land has hidden talents which are well worth exploring.
Your sexual partner will reap the rewards of your reading in a very physical way.
Most activities in this novel can be tried at home with delicious results... read it and see...

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Reviews:- (only some of them)
Reviews - “Voyeurism, cybersex, het-sex, lesbian and gay sex, cross-dressing, shower-sex, bondage and discipline, baby powder sex, custard square sex, dripping, throbbing licking sex. If you secretly harbor any of these fantasies then this book could be for you.” Wanganui Chronicle

“Christine Leov-Lealand speaks with authority. Her first book Quintessence – sex, sex and more sex. (Apparently more of it lesbian sex than in Avocado) has sold more than 11,000 copies” The Press, Christchurch 2000 (One year after publication)

"This book delivers the same steamy style that Harlequin romance was once famous for. Good sexy scenes wrapped up in a dramatic story told from a woman's point of view. I bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it so much she bought the other 2 novels by this author. Good reading for a plane ride or a sunday afternoon." Amazon review.

Biographical blurb:- The early part of Christine Leov-Lealand's life was lived on a remote island in the South Island of New Zealand. All access was by boat, and only in good weather. For a precociously intelligent child, reading and writing were the only brain based activities available. Adult books and encyclopedias were her daily reading. Christine wrote and sewed her first book around age eight, wrote her first 10,000 word novel at 16. She studied history and classics at university and wrote a biography of potter Barry Brickell.
Discovered by Penguin NZ Christine wrote a series of three erotic novels:- Quintessence, Avocado and Astride. Published 1999-2001 these best-sellers in print for 10 years are now available in ebook form through major etailers.
All are available as illustrated ebooks – or without illustrations at a lower price.

Other publications available for you to feature are:- Avocado and Astride by Christine Leov Lealand and Demon's Coven by A J Burton.
Demon's Coven is a Detective Murder Mystery set in the BDSM scene in NYC. it has 4 – five star reviews.

Forthcoming publications: Christine and co-writer AJ Burton plan to publish Adventure Romance "Atlantea Soulmates" in December 2011,

Both my self and AJ are available for author interviews and blogs.


  1. I am impressed with her success! The books sound tantalizing and intriguing.

  2. I'm so intrigued! Her book sounds so hot. She sounds amazing. I'm going to have to read some of her books! Great post!

  3. Her books sound very interesting!

  4. Sounds like a fun, hot read! And it has homework? that could be fun! Of course Kiwi's are HOT! Have you seen their men? *fans self* Just sayin'

  5. The winner of the Friday Freebie is ML Guida! Congrats!!!