Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Madness

With the holidays upon us it is easy to become frustrated and less merry.  As a child we see gifts, glitter, promises, and the glory of everything.  As adults we see credit card bills, traffic, lines, and hear the nagging of the kids wanting stuff.  Isn't it funny how our perception changes when we get older.

I've struggled this year to find the meaning of the season.  I want that magical feeling back again.  You know that giddy anticipation you had as a child.  I'm sorry that it ever left me.

I realize some of that anticipation left when I took on the holidays as a chore and didn't plan to have a good time.  I did start shopping early, but not consistent.  Therefore, my husband and I are hurrying to finish.  Some of my gifts don't have any thought put into them.  That bums me out.  Christmas cards haven't been sent in two years because I'm overwhelmed.

SO even before Christmas arrives this year I am changing the way I do things for next year.  I have opened an account at the credit union just for money to be saved for my boys.  I have 5!  And this isn't just for Christmas presents.  No, I don't think they need a whole lotta junk every year, but this is for the whole year.  School fees, sports fees, birthdays, etc.  This way when it comes time for these events, and Christmas next year, I don't feel so pinched.  As of 2012, the contracts I make with new authors will be worked out so that I do not edit between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  That will ease the strain on many of us.  I still have time to capture special times with my kids before they head back to school.  We're due some snow... I think Momma needs to get out there and build a snow man!  I'm itching to see the zoo lights!  Or decorated house lights... so I think a thermos of hot chocolate in our jammies one night is in order as we drive through town.  A Christmas book would be nice to sit and read.  Hmmm...maybe even pop some popcorn and make a chain for the tree, now they'll get a kick out of that!

It's the holiday spirit that is suppose to rein during this season.  Enjoyment of family and friends is important.  I'm absolutely willing to change my way of thinking this year, with what is left of it, and forge a new path in 2012.  Who knows.  Next year I might be writing a post that says, "Where did the year go?  I'm a mess."  Or maybe, I'll find that holiday spirit and carry it all year long.  And this time next year I'll have some merriment to share with you about how I actually made a plan and stuck to it!  As it is, I think there is a lot of giving to be done in the next year, and it doesn't have to cost a cent!  Giving back to the world is important and to our brothers and sisters with whom we share it with.  I'm going a little greener this next year.  I'm going a little leaner this next year.  I'm working harder on the happy and kicking to the curb the sad.  I'm decluttering this year, my home and my mind.  I'm going to spread joy all year long.

I would love to hear how you spread joy, embrace the holidays, and how you celebrate with your family.  Please leave a comment and share with me!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I look forward to what the New Year has to offer!
Bernadette Marie

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  1. Beautiful ideas and sentiments! I understand how you feel, as I feel the exact same way this year, even if I tried my hardest to save up, sigh....I will pray for you and I to keep the spirit alive all year and careful planning too!