Sunday, September 30, 2012

Today's emotional forecast

I have never had a problem with writing stories.  In fact, sometimes I have too many stories to write and I have multiple projects at one time.  It has happened nearly too many times, that readers say, "who is this?" because one character from one book has slipped into the other.  I'm usually never trying to get over writer's block, can't say I've ever had it.  But in this house I don't think my family of 6 men watch my calendar to find out when there is PMS week...they're better off to read my books as I write them to find out what kind of emotions my characters are in.

In order to translate the emotions that come with characters in books, you have to feel them. If you've never picked up a book and been happy, sad, and deliriously in love with a made up character, then you aren't reading good books.  A good writer can take you on the journey of a lifetime with words. You'll fall in love with men that don't exist  You'll want to pack up and move to a town that was made up in the mind of the author. And heaven forbid you break the heroines'll find many many angry readers.But in order to write stories like that you have to feel it.

I know that when I'm writing that giddy fall in love stage, my husband usually gets more attention. To describe a great kiss you have to go have one! But these men aren't usually forewarned when the relationship in my book takes that downward fall.  They don't know my characters are fighting. Mom doesn't feel good because my main character's insides are twisted up because her heart is breaking. Really, I should have a mood forecast for them.  It would only be fair.  BEWARE: MALE CHARACTER HAS LEFT TOWN AND FEMALE CHARACTER IS GLOOMY.

Oh, but then what fun would it be if in real life you weren't taken by surprise like you are in a book. I've had people come up to me and say, "I'm mad at you. You killed of so and so." or "I didn't see that coming!"

Today my character is exhausted. Oh she has a lot on her mind! I, on the other hand, was up to late giving her things to worry about.  I should have known I'd need a nap from all of her emotions. So today's forecast will read NAP: MOM IS TIRED BECAUSE HER CHARACTER HAD A ROUGH NIGHT.

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  1. I love how you put your heart and soul into your books! It totally shows and that's why i LOOOOVE THEM!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! Now you know that it is how I live my life... you can only imagine my days when writing certain things :)

  2. I so can feel you!!! My family often looks at me and ask if I'm okay when I write. I feel my characters emotions so much that I will cry when they are sad and need to take a shower when they are really 'happy'! lol It's the only way to portray them as true people!!