Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to school is near...sorta

Pencils, notebooks, crayons...all of these things are addictive to me. I won't even begin to tell you how many spiral notebooks I have under my desk. And I certainly won't tell you that I don't use them...they are there for comfort.

Summer is always very anticipated at our house. The first week, we relax. May is always one of our busiest months. I have five kids...five kids in school...five kids in get the picture. So we rest. Then we start the orchestra camp and band camps. Shortly after those conclude we are madly packing for our yearly vacation to Disneyland. (No complaints there since I'm the birthday girl during the trip!) Then we head back home and hockey camp starts. There is a business trip in there too. And all of the sudden we have to shop for back to school things.

Well, like most parents, I'm ready. Not to send the kids away, but to get back on a normal schedule. I'm lucky. My kids really do like school. They've missed their friends. And face it, hockey season starts tomorrow for one of them, so he's all sorts of happy!

I'm just ready for a regular rise and shine hour. A steady work schedule. Some hockey, of course. Dinner at the kitchen table and bed time at a reasonable time.

So here we go. School starts for three of them on Monday. The other two start on Tuesday. And then the elementary school has assessments by appointment on Thursday and Friday, so no regular school.

I laugh at the thought that we were going to get to a normal schedule. Not too many weeks in and we have a holiday. Perhaps time is just flying by as an adult. You know adults would say that when we were kids and we were waiting and waiting for that one day off. I guess I'm an adult.

Whatever comes about will be fine. I'm learning to go with the flow. Work when I can. Exercise, always, and when I can. I'm glad I get so much time with my kiddos. They are the joy in my life...even if there are Legos under my desk.

Happy Writing and Reading!
Bernadette Marie

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