Monday, August 15, 2011

The RomCon Experience

We are revisiting this topic almost a year later as RomCon is the weekend.  This is of my experience in 2011. Due to circumstances surrounding the date and my busy schedule I will not be there.  But three of the authors I publish and one of my editors will be present. I hope you enjoy MY BLOG REVISITED! 

First I will say PLEASE go search for more information on this event!  So many wonderful people were there.  Authors.  Readers. Bloggers. MALE MODELS!  There was so much going on this weekend that I can't possibly cover it all.  (and to be honest, with it being 30 miles from my home and with 5 kids...I did have to leave during the day to do the mommy thing...but that didn't distract from its magnitude.)

It was first, an amazing bonding time for me and my CRW sisters.  Very often we are in the momentum of "meeting mode" and there isn't that time to personally get to know the woman and understand the author.  Sitting among them I felt so at home.  The ages range by decades.  The genres vary almost as much.  But one thing we share is that drive to see our work published.

Some of us have had that blessing.  Some are about to see the fruits of their labor.  Others are still trying to find their groove, but we are all authors.  Though there are some (not in my small group) who have DIVA personalities because they are published, you will find among this mixed bunch compassion.  Those who are published want to help encourage in any way.  Those who are "prepubbed" offer our egos the boost they need.  We all walk away winners.

That was only a dip in the pool of what there was to experience.  There was a western night with BBQ and a mechanical bull.  And of course some very nice looking cowboys!  Later that evening there was Chocolate Mangasim!  (Now... because I'm a chocolate nut I didn't even read that right until I walked into the room!)  This event was put on by erotic writers.  So now you can imagine, I'm sure, the hysterical fun we had.  Pin the Part on the Man, Naughty MadLibs, Musical Chairs - but passing a lubed up sex toy.  Half naked male models to take your pictures with... priceless! The laughter was contagious.  The memories were forever.

My favorite part, however, aside from the bonding with my friends and meeting other authors.  Forget the nights at the bar either discussing publication or writing.  Not even the continued laughter from the dirty MadLib that Hilary kept in her purse to reread to us all could top the RomCon Rumble!

With the unfortunate loss of Borders as the book store for the event, authors had no way to sell their books to the many, many avid romance reading fans who were there for the weekend.  So we had what would best be described as Speed Date and Author.  We gave out swag, books, and the latest in promotions -- trading cards!  (I would never have thought that was going to be big, but it was BIG.)  Readers egar to meet authors and learn about their books sat down and interviewed you.  Some were into other genres.  Others were giddy to meet you.  The best was the woman, a blogger, who had been searching for my book and ran across the room to get her hands on it!  I don't care why she had to have the book!  I don't care that it was on a list for a contest!  It was the best moment ever!

Now that a week has past since RomCon, I've had time to reflect and enjoy the comments coming back.  Those who met me and picked up my book are starting to email me compliments on my story.  Yes, I'm giddy.  With only a week since they met me, they raced home and red MY book.  Feather in my cap kind of moment.

Yes, it's nice to be on parade once in awhile, but I have to tell you, just being among people -- writers and readers alike -- it was amazing to meet so many people from all over the world who appreciate literacy, friendship, and the freedom to read what we want from people who have the freedom to write what we want. (And between the lines of Inspirational and Erotic...there is a lot of Freedom!)

If you're an avid reader of Romance I hope you appreciate events like RomCon and will certainly consider joining us in Denver next June!  I will be there!  And so will many of my friends who attended this year as readers, but will attend next year as authors!

Happy Reading!
Bernadette Marie


  1. I was already considering this event but you just totally sold me on it. LOL! I kind of like the idea of a large conference of this nature that stays put instead of changing cities every year. As of right now, I'd be attending as a reader, but I have almost a year to change that, right?

    Another reason to write faster! Congrats on all your success. Getting fan mail must feel fantastic.

  2. RomCon rocked! I'm definitely going back next year. Everyone was so nice and fun and was just fun. :)

  3. Terri I'm looking forward to seeing you next year! Kimberly I can't wait to see you too! It was GREAT to meet you (and it was worth the price of admission to see you design! OMG you're amazing!)