Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full Moon Phenomenon? Or just and excuse for my bad attitude?

If you've read my posts or tweets or blogs, you know that I'm the kind of person who takes any situation and finds that silver lining.  Yeah, it might be loosely dangling around that cloud, but its there.  Well this week (yes, I'm writing this on Tuesday night) has been a booger of a week.  If someone could move me to tears with just a word, it's happened.  McDonald's gave me the wrong breakfast.  I broke my iPhone glass.  Oh, sadly, the list goes on and on.

It occured to me we've been going through a full moon phase.  Hmmmm.  What a great excuse for my crazy mood!  Sure... every time we have a full moon the drivers around me are maniacs!  The men in my life are a little, well, let's say they are odd.  Usually I'm the person looking in on this phenomenon.  "Oh, everyone else is crazy.  There is a full moon."  Nope, this week it's all me.

I've had confirmation from others that they too have been having an off week.  Is this a very special kind of moon?  One that only comes around rarely?  Oh, I sure hope so.  I have too much to do.

I have authors to edit, books to put out, books to write, and publicity to manage.  Not to mention a martial arts test coming up and, oh yeah, I have five kids to take care of.  This moon thing is really annoying.

So, in shifting my attitude I need to find that silver lining on that moon.  I need to lasso it and pull it in!  I've used my powerful force of believing in myself to change my universe before.  I can do it now.

Nothing is too big or to powerful for me.  After all I am a woman.  I am a mother.  I am a black belt.  I am in charge of my daily destiny.

The reason I don't usually have these bad days is because I don't let them hang on to me.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I have bad moment.  So for the days to drag on and pull me under, this is the oddity.

So full moon, bring on your light!  Shine down on me and feed my power.  Because a super hero only gets stronger after they've been knocked down.

I'm getting up in the morning and I'm conquering the world.  After all, I'd rather look at that phenomenal full moon and stand in awe of its beauty than curse it everytime I see it in the sky.

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