Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pajama Day

Tomorrow is pajama day.  Well, if you're in the 8th grade at my son's school it is.  There are those who would argue that you can't be serious in your pajamas.  What could you learn in pajamas?

As a mother and a professional in many different fields, I would have to agree the first step to being successful is to get up everyday and get dressed before going to work.

The creative side of me says, "when you can create, you must create."  As a writer I wake up at four in the morning and begin editing and writing.  After a full day at my many other careers I come back home and I begin to write, edit, and create.  Oh, did I mention that often it is during the hours in which most people, including myself, would be in pajamas.

Sure, I wouldn't go into a meeting with my authors and sign contracts in my over-sized T-shirt and yoga pants.  I wouldn't do a book signing with my bed head and my robe on either.  But being a writer comes with many perks.  The optional daily pajama day is one of them.

I am still serious about my craft.  Everything I do in my writing career, whether it be as the writer, the editor, or the publisher, is done with the highest professionalism.  And though the glory of the internet, and the blessing of email, pajama day is masked by professionalism. (Really, you did know some newscasters have on shorts under the desk and wear a blazer for appearance.  And if you're on a conference call with a guy who works from a home office, I'll guarantee more than once that button down shirt was tucked into a pair of flannel pants.)

So, with all the things I have on my list to do today and the many deadlines that I am facing down, I will put my mind into professional mode, but yes, I might still be in my pajamas.  In support of my 8th grader, of course.

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