Friday, December 9, 2011

FRIDAY FREEBIE 12-9-11 with Jennifer Willows

Today is Friday Freebies!  We welcome Jennifer Willows!  So what do you have to do?  Just leave a post (include your email or email your address to and Jennifer will contact the winner on Saturday!  Couldn't be any easier.

Bound by Accident: book one
 [Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial BDSM Romance, public exhibition, sex toys]

Makenzie has given up much to help her loved ones. She gave up on her hopes and dreams of artistic fame. Her life consists of her job, making love with herself, and painting in the wee hours of night. Until one fateful Friday ends with her car pinned to a tree. The man who helps her that evening belongs to her. She sees it in his eyes, intense and burning.
Charyn Moreland is a Master of bondage arts, yet no woman ever touches him. He stopped looking for Ms. Right after catching his ex in bed with his brother years ago. But once he encounters Makenzie at the scene of a terrible car accident, their gazes lock and he is going to have her regardless of what he has to do. She is his.
But after a single night of scorching passion, can he convince her to trust him?

Lust for Life: book two
[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Romance, public exhibition, light bondage, sex toys]

When Charlene “Charli” Anderson meets Deven Moreland, sparks fly between them and they hide mutual lust behind petty arguments. Neither needs money, but both are missing something.
Charlene is a beautiful woman on the outside and a frightened girl inside. She hides her true needs behind a cocky façade and her former less-than-legal profession. Her past haunts her, even as she ignores it. Deven is an adrenaline junkie by night and thriving businessman by day. His need for adventure is fueled by the desire to keep his insomnia at bay. To the world the pair appears to be different, and normal life and circumstances never meet. Like magnets, both feel the bitter burn of lust for their polar opposite. Can Charli let go of her bitter past to embrace the man in her future? Will Deven convince Charlene that they can find love from the spice of lust?
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance


  1. Girl I can't wait to read your book! I hear its very exciting, and I'm prepared to jump my husband after chapter 1. Lol

  2. OOOO LALA both of them sound HOT HOT HOT!

  3. Lol they are both very hot. From most readers I've been told the first is the hottest of the two... But personally the second is my favorite... But there's something about Charyn that makes me wish I could have him for myself... Jen