Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interview with Jamie Lee Scott

Today I have the honor of having Jamie Lee Scott as my guest.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?
Making up new worlds where I have all of the control. Probably because I feel I have so little in my own life.

What genre(s) do you write?
Mostly mystery, but I’ve been known to dabble in drama, romantic comedy, and some fantasy with my screenwriting.
What genres and authors would we find you?
Fiction: Mystery, Private Eye  Jamie Lee Scott

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Coming up with character names. That and I’m way too nice to my characters. I have to go back and be mean to them in the rewrite. Conflict = story after all.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I used to be a pantser. No longer. I plot like a crazy woman now, before I put a single word on paper. Outlining makes the writing so much easier, and I don’t have to reread constantly to see where I’ve been.

Why do you think people should choose your books over another author?
Because I’m witty, intelligent and sexy. Just kidding, though I have been told I can be quite witty. I would hope they’d choose me because I can tell a good story.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?
I hope they can’t get my characters out of their head. Other than that, I’m not trying to send any messages, especially since I kill people in my novels.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Maybe Mimi, my main character in my Gotcha series, would have a message. That would be: Don’t live in the past, keep moving forward.

How long have you been a writer? 
I wrote my first novel when I was 9. But I had my first magazine article published when I was a junior in college, so 10 years (I’m kidding, I don’t really remember how long ago that was, or I’m just not telling).

How much time did it take from writing your first book to having it published?
My first book was a non-fiction book called Hiking Iowa. It was a one year process. My novel took closer to 5 years, only because I kept putting off the rewrite after it was written.

What other careers have you had?
Not sure we have room for this. Let me think, waitress, banquet server, medical assistant, bookkeeper, restaurant owner (still at it), athletic trainer (the reason I went to college), horse trainer (still at it), journalist, produce broker, produce sales assistant, loading dock dispatcher, citrus sales, jewelry designer (still at it). I’ll just leave it at that.

Do you write under more than one name? Why?
I write fiction under the name Jamie Lee Scott, business articles and business books as Jamie Dierks, and YA as Allie Hollister. I write under the different names to keep the identities separate, as each one is so different from the others.

Are any of your characters based on real people or events?
Absolutely! I mean absolutely not! Best way to put it!

How would you describe yourself if you were “speed dating” your readers?
Manic. If you can handle a wild ride, jump on board.

What’s something fans would find fascinating about you?
I make glass beads.

What else would you like readers to know about you or your work?
Writing is my escape from reality.
And Lola, the Doberman in the Gotcha novels, is my real dog, and she’s completely neurotic. (what does that say about me?)

What books or authors have most influenced your life?
Stephen King’s On Writing is the most influential book on writing that I’ve ever read. As for authors, I look to Harlan Coben and see where he started and where he is today, and I’m in awe. The other author would be Pulitzer Prize winning Jane Smiley. She has characters that stay with me long after I’ve finished reading her books.

How do your family and/or friends feel about your book or writing venture in general?
My entire family is supportive. Some think there is some celebrity to it. I let them think that. My husband, who has to put up me all the time, is beyond supportive. He says he can’t wait until the day he can retire on my income. Haha  Jamie, mine says that to me daily!

Where are you from?
I’m from Salinas, CA, the setting for the Gotcha novels.  Can't wait to read them!  Especially since I've been there!

How do you come up with the titles?
The titles for the Gotcha series are a play on words/titles Let Us Prey/ let us pray, book 2 Death of a Sales Rep/Death of a Salesman, book 3 is yet untitled.

Has your life changed significantly since becoming a published writer?
Yes! I’m a crazed marketing guru. Writing a novel is so much more work than writing for magazines or screenwriting. With those, you write and get paid, someone else promotes. Now I have to divide my time with writing and promotion. But I love the social aspect of promoting.  Nobody told us this part of the job did they?  It's rewarding though.

Do you work on one project at a time? Or do you multi-task?
Multi-task, in more ways than one.  Me too!

When not writing, how do you relax?
Riding or caring for my horses. Nothing is more relaxing to me than watching them eat, or grooming them. Riding is relaxing in that I forget about everything else, because 100% of my concentration is in the training.

Please tell us 5 miscellaneous facts about yourself.
  1. I’m a hermit.
  2. I’m allergic to housework.
  3. I eat a garlic stuffed green olive every morning.
  4. My favorite artist is Daniel Merriam (awesome fantasy painter)
  5. I sometimes dictate my novels with a voice recorder.
To find out more about Jamie and her books please visit her:

Also watch for Death of a Sales Rep (book 2 Gotcha Detective Agency mysteries) coming in December.  Jamie is also writing a TV sitcom pilot called Deep Fried – about a yuppie couple who lose their jobs and buy a fast food restaurant.

Thank you Jamie for joining me!  Please stop by again on Thursday when Jamie Lee Scott is my guest blogger!


  1. In rereading my answers, I realize people will now know I'm crazy, instead of just thinking it. Thanks so much for inviting me.

  2. Great interview, Jamie. Oh, and I love the title of your book. Let Us Prey.....clever.

    I'll have to get it...since I love a good mystery.

  3. Great interview! Excellent questions and answers. Good book, too. ;-) Gosh, Jamie; I guess there's still a lot I don't know about you, after all.

  4. Jamie is so enticing and full of life! Great sense of humor. She creates such a fun environment (in her books and in reality)!

  5. Wonderful interview, Jamie! I feel like I know you a lot better, yet want to know more. You must be a writer...

  6. Thanks Alex, Sandra, Jenna, Hannah, and Norah. There's a lot I don't know about myself, which is probably why I'm a writer. I appreciate you stopping by to read the interview.

  7. I'm reading Let Us Prey right now and you've succeeded marvelously in the witty department, Jamie!

  8. Haha, Stephanie, thanks. I really enjoyed writing this book. It was just going to be one book, but when I was done, I decided it needed to be a series.

  9. Jamie,

    I totally get the multitasking!!! Here's to getting to the point where your husband can retire!

    By the way, Bernadette, the contact link on your website doesn't have a link to you. Only to other authors.

  10. Thanks Deborah. I'll go check it out. Haha there is always something going on with technology isn't there. ;-). Thanks!

  11. Very interesting, Jamie. I have a question. Seeing your picture so close to your cover, I wondered it that's you with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

  12. Debra, I think I may have been born multitasking. Most everything I do is so I can afford to keep the horses happy and healthy and eventually get back out on the road competing at barrel races again.
    Edie, no it's not me. I have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. I wish the cover pic was me, because that girl is very young. lol

  13. What a fun interview. I'll definitely be adding your mysteries to my TBR pile. I'm amazed you can write across so many genres at the same time? HOw do you manage to remember who you are?

  14. Love the interview! Jamie, do you edit one manuscript as you start a new one, or do you write two manuscripts start to finish concurrently?

  15. Linda, I need to write different genres to keep my manic brain happy.
    Misty, I usually have projects at different stages, writing a novel while outlining a script or another novel, then editing one while writing another. I usually have 3 projects going at a time, because it's usually a novel, a feature script, and a TV script. Rarely 2 novels at the same time.

  16. Multi-tasking, huh? What do you multitask during the daily olive?

    Great interview!

  17. Thanks for a great interview! After 90 novels, I have trouble coming up with names, too (especially in my Safe Harbor Medical series for Harlequin). I use several baby name books and keep an alphabetized list of character names so I can see them side by side.