Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Blogger Anne Underhill

Welcome back Anne Underhill!I  Anne is an aspiring author who is working on her first book.  We look forward to her up and coming career as a writer.  Thank you Anne for being our guest this week.  

Running, Anne Underhill

I've never been an avid runner.  I definitely would not call myself a "die-hard" runner or a "running junkie."  Forgive me if those are terms that don't apply to serious runners, as I am obviously not a serious runner, and I'm not deeply acquainted with the slang for those who are serious...Anyways, although I'm not an avid runner, I'm not a complete stranger to the activity, and have on many occasions found myself mounting the treadmill and running a fair distance. 

My feet mounted the apparatus and my hands mechanically set the treadmill to my normal resistance and incline.  I began running, and the familiar feelings and sensations began flooding back.  At some point during the run, I'm not sure how far I've gone, when my body begins to feel as if its been mauled by a piece of farm equipment, I begin questioning what in the hell possessed me to get on the bloody treadmill in the first place.  Shortly after this not-so-pleasant feeling comes the heavenly release I've been expecting and yearning for since I climbed upon the treadmill seemingly hours ago. My mind and body have reached a sort of twilight; pain is gone, fear is gone, and my mind has somehow transformed into a time machine.

My thoughts shift and my emotions surge.  My haunted past, my confusing present, and a mysterious future swirl in front of me.  What have I done with my time that's been worthwhile? Does the path I am on have purpose? The realization the choices I make directly affect the outcome of where I end up hits me like a wall.  I cannot go on a journey without a compass, I will end up where I started, going nowhere.  I must choose to take a straight path.  One that leads me forward, toward my dreams, toward meaning, and toward peace.  My feet slowed to a jog and I stopped. As I stood there I came to a realization.  I may have been running nowhere that day, but I knew I would find my way home.  

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