Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Petals Book Launch with Rebekah Roberts

My publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, is launching its latest book Petals, by Rebekah Roberts today!  We are very excited. Join us today, leave a comment, and you could win a $10 Amazon gift card!

“Beauty might just be the beast.”’

Calla Williams is not like other girls.  Most girls spend their whole lives trying to be beautiful, Calla already is…and she hates it.
When she is shipped off one summer to live with family friends in their dilapidated Mississippi plantation, Calla is faced with the prospect of living with strangers and their teenage son.  This is annoying because, like any other boy, he is sure to fall in love with her on sight. However, Griffin Davenport is not your typical teenage guy. With his hot temper and half of his face severely scarred, “hate at first sight” is closer to what she finds.
Though the two teens try to stay out of each other’s way, an odd attraction to each other makes staying away anything but easy.
Now, Calla must deal with growing feelings, her own prejudices, and finding the secret to Griffin’s past. As hate turns to friendship and friendship becomes something more, Calla learns a startling truth: God uses even how we look in His plan for our lives.

An Excerpt from Petals, by Rebekah Roberts

He wondered what time it was. With the bandages over his face, it was hard to know anything, even whether it was day or night. He sat rigid and uncomfortable. More than the cloth was suffocating him; the darkness was unbearable. His hands itched to rip the bandages off his face, but he resisted the urge, choosing to clench his hands until his fingers ached.
The door creaked open, and he heard footsteps coming into his hospital room.
“Honey?” The soothing sound of his mother’s voice filtered through to his ears. “Are you awake?”
He tried to answer, but it came out as more of a muffled grunt than words.
“The doctor’s here. It’s time.”
The corners of his mouth rubbed on the cloth as he smiled. She meant it was time to take the bandages off.
Moments later, he could feel the presence of the doctor close by and felt hands begin to remove the binding from his face. Slowly they unwound the bandages, going round and round his head. His arms shook with tension as he gripped the bed sheets in his fists.
Light began to show through the last few layers, and then he could finally see. The world seemed to spin around him, and he blinked rapidly in an attempt to focus. When everything was still, he saw his mother, with her bright red hair and smiling face; and she had tears in her eyes.
“It looks like the infection is completely gone,” the woman, whom he assumed was his doctor, said. “I think he’s healing nicely.”
A nurse, who was standing beside the doctor, nodded as a strained smile crossed her face. He couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.
“I want to see,” he said, sitting up straighter in his hospital bed.
“Sweetie, you might need to wait and eat something first,” his mother said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“I think he should know now. It’s not going to get much better,” the doctor said. There was something ominous about her voice.
The nurse handed him a mirror. Looking into it, he did not see the familiar face of six months before. Instead, a twisted mockery of his former self glared back at him. A thick lump formed in the pit of his stomach, and he thought it might come up.
He looked at the women around him. Their pity-filled stares bored into him, especially the nurse’s.
“All of you get out,” he said in a harsh whisper.
“Honey, please. It’s not-”
“Get out!” He threw the mirror across the room. It shattered as it hit the floor. He dug his fingernails into the rough, uneven surface of his face and let out something close to a growl.
His mother reached for him, trying to stop him from hurting himself. He pushed her away. They all crowded around him, grabbing his hands, wrenching his wrists.
“Please…” he whispered, not fighting back anymore. He hung his head, trying to hide his face. “I just want to be alone.”

Purchase Petals here: (As the links become live with will change them, but please keep checking back)

About Rebekah Roberts
Rebekah Roberts’ obsession with fairytales, romance, and Jesus came at an early age. She knew as a young teen that she wanted to write books for girls that were both fun to read and good for them.
While working as a nanny and volunteering in her church’s youth group, Rebekah continues her mission to write wholesome romances and uses fiction as a platform for The Unfolding Rose Ministries; where she helps to promote true beauty and self confidence in girls.
Rebekah was homeschooled through high school.  She continued her education at Moore Norman Technology, where she studied creative writing. She uses her education to instill a love of the craft in the next generation through teaching writing classes.
Growing up in small town Oklahoma, she loves the old south and history, which finds its way into her writing and everyday conversation with dreams of plantation houses, WWII dances, and Victorian trivia. She has a passion for taking an old story and making it new.
When she is not writing or working with youth, she loves to watch sci-fi movies with family or enjoy a pot of tea with good friends.
Petals is her first novel.

Website:  Twitter: @RebekahFRoberts,

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  1. Okay, I am seriously caught up in that scene. I love the twist on the 'beauty and the beast' them, and could see how my daughter (age 15) would be interested in reading this book. Congrats to you, Rebekah and good luck!!

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  6. The Amazon link is current now! It has finally gone through! :) Thanks everyone for all your support!

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  10. The winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is Jessi Lohman! Thanks for joining us~ this contest is officially closed.