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Meet Curtis Keller ~The Keller Family Series

For those of you who have read the Keller Family series, you're very familiar with Curtis Keller, the youngest of the Keller family sibilings.  But, just in case you're new to the party of this best selling series, let me introduce you to the Keller family.

Opposite Attraction, book 3
Alan and Emily Keller, in their own right, are an eclectic duo. Emily was born and raised in Germany. Often her children, through out the series, reflect on how wonderful her mashed up accent is--German and Southern. This couple, still madly in love after decades of marriage, had only wanted to start a family, however, as they both moved into their forties they knew this dream would never come to light. But fate deals out many different cards, and bestowed to the Kellers were two young girls, Arianna and Regan. Arianna was two when she became the foster daughter to the Kellers and her baby sister only a few months old. Two years later, on the day the Kellers would officially adopt these two strong headed girls they would find they were finally expecting a child of their own, Curtis Keller. If you know the Keller family you know that one more child came into this eclectic bunch when he was seven. Carlos Keller was adopted by the Kellers when, after having moved here with his birth parents from Puerto Rico, his parents were killed in a car accident.

Now you know the Kellers... let's get to know Curtis!

A Second Chance, book 2
Curtis, though not much younger than the rest in age, is certainly considered the baby of the group. Of course, he is the only one that resembles the Kellers at all with his light hair and blue eyes.

The youngest Keller sibling is a doctor, and his brother and sisters look up to him. We see Curtis at work often. We met him in THE EXECUTIVE'S DECISION on numerous occasions as Regan came and went from the hospital as a visitor and a patient.  Curtis was on call in A SECOND CHANCE as Madeline was wheeled into surgery the very first time.

He has a strong conviction for family. You don't mess with his family--but then we see often enough, the Keller family rally for each other.

Curtis loves women, but he is married to his job, and any woman who thinks differently is in for a heart break. Cynthia O'Dell understands him best.  She too is married to the medical profession, but she's lucky enough to have "befriended" Curtis Keller. The duo enjoy all the perks to a "friend with benefits," from being the safe date at dinner, to bringing snacks to work, to having one of them fix a leaky faucet. The two of them enjoy each other in and out of bed, but they both know friendship is as far as it goes.

Curtis Keller could live happily ever after on his own. He's built his life to encompass his work, his family, and a few special friends. But when oil heiress Simone Pierpont shakes up his world, his priorities are scrambled.

An arranged date at Carlos's wedding to Kathy, Curtis and Simone are thrown together, only the couple lets the heat between them take over. What was to be companionship for a few hours turned into a hot and heavy affair lasting over a week on two continents and ending with Simone stranding Curtis on a yacht in the French Rivera.

The Executive's Decision, book 1
Lucky to have his job still in tact, he's bound and determined to keep his life the way he had it before Simone Pierpont turned it upside down.  But now she's back in Nashville, and it looks like she's planning to stay.

Now what is he supposed to do?

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  1. I am impatiently waiting for Opposite Attraction to come out...I have tried to think up different ways the story line could go and I know the real thing will keep me on my toes to the end.......Just like A Second Chance did...CANT WAIT!!!!!!! Paula

  2. I love Curtis and eondrd how he's gonna. Take the news that Simone is broke, pregnant and sticking around. I can't wait to read OA!

    1. I love Curtis too! I hope by the end of the book you'll love Simone as well! But I think you'll enjoy the first chapter of book 4 just as much! :)

  3. Wonderful! I can not wait to get "my hands" on Opposite Attraction! Will it be available on Kindle at midnight?