Monday, April 22, 2013

Some of us are born to do this...

I have been very blessed to have fallen into careers that "I was meant to do." By trade I'm a cosmetologist. It even says in my kindergarten "what do you want to be when you grow up" section of my memory book that I want to be a beautician (and a singer like Debbie Boone as "You Light Up My Life" was my most favorite song.)  I started out in college going to school to be a manicurist, well it just sounded fun and I could earn a few bucks. I won my first competition my third week in school. I guess I was meant to do that.

In time I wanted to be a teacher. I did go to college to be a teacher. It took me one semester and one girl scout troop (as the leader) to realize I couldn't be a teacher. Not because I don't love kids--I do. Not because I couldn't teach--I can. But I couldn't deal with the parents! I often pray that I'm not the wrong kind of parent, but since I'm conscious of it...I'm assuming I'm not. But a teacher...I wasn't meant for that.

Then there was a stint where I was going to be an Electrical Engineer so I could be an astronaut. Well...I'm not great at math, and I have no idea what an electrical engineer does...but I live a few miles from the Colorado School of Mines, so I have a lot of these people in my life. However, I am not one of them. So, since you can cut your hair on the space station without a licensed professional, I guess the astronaut thing is out. (I also get very sick on rides in amusement parks and on swings in the park...yeah, probably a good thing for me NOT to be.) I wasn't meant to do that.

I have sang at weddings and for my own amusement. But I never did become Debbie Boone. Though, I did have a voice teacher tell me that it took 20 years to perfect an operatic voice, and I was ten years advanced! Nice! (again, I guess I wasn't meant to do that.)

I'd say writing came later, and it wasn't the first thing I thought I wanted to be when I wanted to write. I'd wanted to be an actress, so I'll take a stab at writing a movie. Not for me, but people seemed to like the things I wrote. Ah-ha! I'll be a writer. I'll write books!

How do I know this is my calling? I never, ever, ever have writers' block. Thank goodness! I can toss a story out there in a matter of weeks. And, thank the Good Lord!, they sell. I'm very blessed to have people contact me on a constant basis and ask for help, guidance, or encouragement. What I do makes sense to people and now I know this is what "I was meant to do."

Oh, I still have a hair and nail clientele. Before books made me a living, beauty paid for groceries. You can't give up what made you you. And I have a cousin making HUGE waves in Nashville! (Randy him up.) I keep teasing him, "ya know what's on my bucket list...singer." But I'm happy to rub elbows. However, for now, I know THIS is what I was born to do.

Happy Reading
Bernadette Marie


  1. It's funny how you try various careers before you find one that sticks. I wanted to graduate high school and become a pediatrician...until I learned how LONGGGGGGG it would take to complete the college courses and internship. I was ready to get out of high school so nope, didn't happen. I love floral design and have made arrangements for wedding receptions, bridal parties,prom corsages, and home interior decorations, but alas, it's more of a creative outlet and stress reliever than a passion. Like you, writing is what I was meant to do and I'm pretty good at it. Just wish I'd known sooner! :)

    1. And it is funny how many people hear that you're a writer and say "I wish I could do that." :) (You know...those singers, teachers, and astronauts!)

  2. Excellent post! I'm experiencing some major envy over the fact that you never get writer's block and can churn out a book in a matter of weeks. And even though writing isn't quite as smooth sailing for me, I still feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing. It's not always something that's explainable, sometimes you just know. :)