Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've got that writing feeling...ohhh that writing feeling

There are days like today in which my mind will just not focus on that tasks at hand! I have a publishing company to run. Contracts to send out. It's a launch day--launch WEEK! And yet my mind is not here!

Well the best part of my jobs are they work well together. After all I am one of my own authors. So it is important for me to do the creative end of my job as well.

I think there are certain days that the creative part of my brain takes over. And if you have a creative brain, you probably don't have a lot of organization skills. Not to say that you don't, but someone would probably argue your method of organized! I keep looking at my charts, my lists, my calendars and thinking...I wonder what is happening in Aspen Creek today (that would be one of my series title!) The book for November 2013 keeps popping in my head.

Yes, not only am I too creative brained, and not organized, I'm a multi-tasker! I currently have three books in the works from three different series! The joy in that? I get to hop from the fictional town of Aspen Creek, Colorado to Nashville, Tennessee back to Palmer's Gulch, Oklahoma everyday! Currently two of my heroines are martial artists. One runs a school, the other is trained in martial arts and that's how she met her husband. So I know that thinking about my karate training has me plotting books!

As scatterbrained as it seems it sure does keep me happy. But there is that time when you realize that the book work will have to wait until tonight, late. For, if I don't get the creative part of my brain working it will hinder me until I do.

So with that, good bye publishing world, for a few hours. There is currently a woman in Aspen Creek who has just met the most discombobulated of all men and she needs to put him in his place. But then again, in Oklahoma there is a woman about to have her world rocked by her dead husband. Hmmmm, Nashville...I'm sure the next of the Keller clan had some things planned.

I'm checking out. I'm too busy to worry about the real world. I've got that writing feeling and it needs to be taken care of ASAP!

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  1. That's pretty nice, "i've got that writing feeling" i didn't got when i read this tittle by which what you exactly want to say but, after read that out i got what exactly it's about.
    Every one got his/her writings feeling from reality and from dreams, your this writing came from your reality not from dream.