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My Musical Muse- DRINK A BEER by @LukeBryanOnline

There is no question my go to music is country. It speaks to me. I can feel it. It IS my number one muse. And if you've been around me for the past few years there is also no question that Luke Bryan is one of my favorite go to singers/song writers. (Read Keller book 4 and 6? Yep he's mentioned in the book and in the acknowledgments) Now, a fun fact is that my degrees of separation is 1 as we have mutual friends (true fact!)

I've been blessed to have seen L.B. in concert twice and this April I'll have the pleasure of seeing him again in Las Vegas during the ACM week of events. (And now that you know how I feel about Country Music you know that I'm in fan heaven with what the weekend will entail with all the talent I'll be surrounded by...and I'll be with my best friend so that is all the better!)

Now that you know my feelings about this artist let's talk DRINK A BEER. The song which is on the album Crash My Party debuted at the 2013 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on February 27th.  Co-written by Chris Stapleton (who sings background) and Jim Beavers, the song deals with that moment you find out a loved one has passed on. Many of us have had that surreal second where you realize someone is gone--forever.

Luke Bryan's delivery of this specific song is powerful as he has had this kind of loss in his life. He lost his brother Chris in 1997  and sister Kelly in 2007. As an author, a song like this gives your heart that squeeze of pain. The song talks about going to a familiar place and doing the familiar thing...drink a beer.

Everyone will mourn differently and as an author you reflect on your own pain and you bring to the table the pain of others. Drink a Beer provides that reflective, silent pain.

The song itself is beautiful and I will say currently one of my favorites. Here is the video and  the link to the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it.

Find the lyrics here

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***Information for this post was found at http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=30359

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