Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Musical Muse - A look at the songs that move me (Introduction)

I've written about it before, music is my muse even though I work (mostly) in silence. I appreciate the songwriter and the musician. To take specific feelings and moments and put it to music is truly inspiring. I know people think writing 200+ pages of words is inspiring, but to condense that into  two minutes...now that takes some skill.

Songs are very powerful. They can tell you an entire story in those two minutes or really drive home a feeling. I've written many books on a single line in a song--a transitional phrase to be exact. But just a few words, or feelings, can spark the mind into a story of epic proportion.

In this series of blog posts I'll be sharing with you songs that really moved me. If you're an aspiring writer maybe they will move you too. If you are a songwriter/singer/musician and want to share your work with me I'd love to see what ya have! You can email me at info @ bernadettemarie. com (you know...string that together)

I'll make sure to list the different posts here too!

Thanks for taking my musical journey with me. I can't wait to share my feelings with you all.

My Musical Muse:

Luke Bryan - Drink A Beer (3-11-14) 
Blake Shelton - Doin What She Likes (3-25-14)
David Nail - Let it Rain (5-1-14)

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