Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#CoverReveal for #5PrincePublishing author #SusanLohrer ~ A Gift for Chloe

If you've followed me on my blog or social media you know that I LOVE Susan Lohrer! She's not only an AMAZING editor, but she has this CRAZY amazing talent to write books too! I'm so blessed to have this woman in my life on so many levels! Her newest release A Gift for Chloe is a FREE read! Get to know the talent that is Susan Lohrer on September 4th! You certainly won't be sorry!!!

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 4, 2014
Digital ISBN-10:1631120662

A Gift for Chloe
Her carefully ordered world is turning upside down…
Linda is the one who holds her family together. She’s an absolute rock—at least, she was until her daughter announced her pregnancy (wait, isn’t 40 way too young to become a grandmother?) and delivered the news that the baby has Down syndrome.
Now she finds herself standing in the middle of a bookstore, floundering to regain her equilibrium as her carefully ordered world tumbles willy-nilly around her. Instead of making a relatively simple decision about which book to buy, she’s spent an hour waffling between two titles and trying (and failing) to come to grips with this new reality she hasn’t had nearly enough chance to prepare for. It’s not that she hasn’t already fallen head over heels in love with baby Chloe, but this is something she’s not equipped to handle—she can’t even choose a self-help book on the subject, for goodness’ sake.
Her friends and the medical professionals blithely insist she’ll forget all about special needs the moment she sees her grandchild for the first time. Even the too-good-to-be-true, optimistic fellow customer she encounters in the aisle of the bookstore seems to think she’s worried over nothing.

This handsome stranger is obviously compassionate and knows a lot about Downs, but Linda is in no way interested in striking up a conversation with him, let alone a friendship, no matter how intriguing he is… until he performs a random act of kindness she can’t ignore.

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  1. Thank you for saying all those things about me. Do you know how hard I'm going to try to keep living up to your expectations? ;)