Friday, October 17, 2014

Author Beware

How many blog posts are there warning authors about the seedy side of this industry? Well, here is another. I have been publishing now for almost four years. I know very well the warning signs of a scam. When you send your book in to an agent and you get back a note that says, "We'd love to read this for you for $$$$, please forward the funds and we will process your submission," this is a non-legitimate business practice. You're only going to pay to have your book published if you're the publisher.

That in itself is a whole other topic. Today I received an email from someone who claimed to have read my book. They used the title and even the name of the character. There were so impressed by the  twists and turns the books took. They want to feature me in Publisher's Weekly!


Here is the catch. This person "brought it up to their boss," but the boss didn't like the idea because of all the work it takes to get into PW. ('s a legit publication.) However, if I wouldn't mind paying the $35 advertising he/she could pursue it. And they conclude the mail with this guilty little nugget..."I hope, after my long battle to feature you, my efforts will not have been in futility.
hoping to here from you soon."

***Note*** if you are an Indie published author you can go to, which is run by Publishers Weekly. You can pay to have your book advertised in the publication. You can submit your book for review. BUT this is all laid out for you. I'm very sure someone with a Yahoo email address will not be the person responding to you.

There is a link at the bottom of the email that "directs" me to PW. I certainly didn't click it. 

Just beware when you get super excited that someone wants to feature you. Research before you spend any money. This industry has its little niches where you can ride a long way for free. Make sure you're seeking out the opportunities. I have found many times that when they seek you're going to get burned.

***added note as of 10-18-14*** 
Two days after the initial email from the interested party, I was contacted again. This time he let me know he wasn't able to access his yahoo account so he gave me a different email on a gmail account.  I looked him up when he came up in my Google+ and there is a face and no info on him. Still thinking that ignoring the emails is my best bet yet! 

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