Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Everyone has a dream. What's your dream?"

If you're a child of the eighties there is a great chance that you can sit and watch the movie Pretty Woman and quote the entire thing! This is one of my favorite things to do and my husband is gracious enough to tolerate it. (It was also one of our first dates so it holds special meaning.)

One of my favorite lines in that movie is, "Everyone has a dream. What's your dream?" delivered by the man walking the streets at the beginning of the movie and at the end.

So what's your dream?

Mine has evolved over the years and even lately it has changed again.

When I started writing, at the age of thirteen, it was with the sole purpose of writing a movie to star in. Yes, my aspirations were BIG, but it gave me a goal in which to chase. Soon I realized that I preferred to write in novel form and the writer was born. That was then my dream.

Over the years I changed my methods on how I wrote. Overly descriptive. Much too much dialogue. Some sex, no sex, too much sex.

The dream changed again to get this published. Goals were different. Not only were you trying to write the best book ever, but the goal became to send in a query. Then to process the rejection. Send your work into contests and process the rejection. This can go on and on.

If you keep working you'll realize that published dream and then the dream will change. Mine was to get on the charts with a certain author. I have many screen shots with my books next to or in front of her books on those charts. Then it became certain charts. I still dream of that elusive NYT Bestseller list or a USA Today list, so my dreams are alive.

So what is your dream? Is it the same as it was a few years ago? Probably not. That's okay. Goals and dreams change. The point is to never let them go away. You always need a dream.

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