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Lauren Clark writes contemporary Southern novels sprinkled with sunshine, suspense, and secrets. A former TV news anchor, Lauren adores flavored coffee, local book stores, and anywhere she can stick her toes in the sand. Her big loves are her family, paying it forward, and true-blue friends.

How would you describe yourself if you were “speed dating” your readers?

In thirty seconds, I would describe myself as happy, upbeat, positive, fun-loving, reliable, passionate, loving, kid-focused person who loves flavored coffee, world travel, great books, and good friends.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

My favorite thing is meeting and hearing from readers. There’s nothing better than that!  I love visiting book clubs, doing book signings, and talking to author groups.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?

I’d love for my readers to take away that one can truly make lemonade from the lemons you are handed in life. That sometimes, unexpected turns in one’s path are the greatest blessing. And of course, it is my belief that women are stronger and more resilient than they think they are.

In Pie Girls, Searcy began the story as a bit of a spoiled princess, able to live a life of luxury, but when her husband drops the bomb that he’s leaving, she’s left with nothing. That rock-bottom place from which she re-starts her life really gives her strong moral fiber, compassion, and an ability to see the good in the simple things in life.

What other careers have you had?

Oh, my gosh!  I’ve been a television news anchor, a television news reporter and producer, I have been a public relations director, a full-time mom, and a senior sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. At present, I work as a web content manager and social media manager for Spring Hill College. When I was growing up, I was a babysitting, worked in a grocery store, an amusement park, and an ice cream factory (taking orders). Lots of free ice cream!

Why do you think people should choose your books over another author?

If you, as a reader, enjoy a story with a big challenge for the main character, some fun and humor, quirky characters, an unexpected twist or two, a charming and handsome hero, substantial character growth, a happy ending, and a Southern setting, than my books are for you!

How long have you been a writer? 

I’ve always thought about writing, but didn’t get serious about it until after my second son was born. I published Stay Tuned 2011, Dancing Naked in Dixie in 2012, Stardust Summer in 2013, and Pie Girls in 2014.

What’s something fans would find fascinating about you?

I’ve been offered a two-book deal through Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson and will release a suspense novel called Center of Gravity in July 2015. Here’s the summary:

On the verge of thinking she’s found happily ever after, a young woman discovers her new husband has a violent dark side and a deeply twisted past. When he disappears with her two young children, she must face her deepest fears to rescue them, even if it means losing her own life.

What books or authors have most influenced your life?

As a child, I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and it’s fun because my 9-year-old son just read On the Banks of Plum Creek for school. My boys are big readers, so we’ve blown through the Percy Jackson series, Divergent, and Hunger Games, as well. Loved them. As an adult, I’d have to say that Jodi Picoult, Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, and Jennifer Weiner have all had some influence on my life and writing.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Upstate New York (near Niagara Falls), moved to Pennsylvania for college, and Ohio for graduate school. I went back to New York when I started my television news career, then moved to a station in Alabama in 2000. I’ve lived in Mobile, Ala. since 2007.

When not writing, how do you relax?

I love to read (of course); I enjoy going to the beach, my parents’ lake house, or spending a weekend in New Orleans or Atlanta (both close enough to drive to in a day). If I have an extra thirty minutes, I’ll meet a friend for coffee, go for a run, or play a board or card game with my boys. We love Uno, Trivial Pursuit, or Sequence.

Please tell us 5 miscellaneous facts about yourself.

My favorite time of day is early morning, when the sun is rising and the world is still quiet.
I’d rather spend time with my two boys than do anything else.
I’m an avid coffee drinker, and am excited it’ll soon be Pumpkin Spice season!
I get lost easily, especially in a new city.
I will always choose caramel over chocolate.

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Amazon Author Page:  Lauren Clark
Facebook:  Lauren Clark
Twitter:  @Laurenclark_bks

Princess, Southern belle, and spoiled-rotten social climber Searcy Roberts swore on a stack of Bibles she’d never return home to Fairhope, Alabama. After marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Atlanta, Searcy embraces big-city life—Carrie Bradshaw style.

But now, Searcy has a teeny, tiny problem. Her husband’s had a mid-life crisis. He’s quit his job, cancelled her credit cards, and left her for another man.

Searcy returns to Fairhope, ready to lick her wounds. But when her mother falls ill, she’s is thrust into managing the family business—only to discover the beloved bakery is in danger of closing its doors forever.

Enlisting the help of the adorable bike store owner next door, an array of well-heeled customers, and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Searcy hatches the plan of the century to save Pie Girls.

Enjoy an Excerpt from PIE GIRLS

"C.C.," I exclaim, standing on tiptoes for an air kiss. "What a lovely surprise."
She clears her throat, and I step back. "You haven't greeted my Precious," C.C. warns in a lilting voice, tilting her head toward the pink sequined bag hanging over her left forearm.
Precious? Like as in the Lord of the Rings? Surely she doesn't mean...
A tiny black nose and beady eyes poke out of the bag.
"Eek!" I jump back and squeal, clapping a hand to my chest and dropping the keys.
The dog—if you can call it that—begins yipping and complaining like I've just whipped it with a cat o' nine tails.
I freeze in place, flush a lovely shade of violet, and want to self-destruct; certain that I've committed what equates to a mortal sin in the world according to C.C. Anderson. She's carrying her new puppy, a tiny Min-Pin; complete with pink collar and matching pink toenails.
"I'm so sorry—"
C.C. waves her own pink manicured fingernails an inch from my face.
"Mama's poor little baby," she coos in a high-pitched falsetto. "Are you okay, my sweetie-weetie, lovey girl?"
My jaw drops open slightly. I've never heard the woman utter a word of endearment toward any human being or living creature.

When I first dated Alton, I was almost certain that C.C., in fact, was among the un-dead. Five years ago, when she and Alton’s father decided to move to Atlanta—under the auspices of closer to their only son—I almost had him talked into buying some dove's blood from Marie Laveau's shop in New Orleans just to see if she'd drink it.
"Mama's Precious will be all right, won't she?" C.C. continues. "Searcy's just a bad girl. She'll do better, I promise, darling."

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