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#AuthorSuccess Part 1: Dedicated Readers...Get Some!

I recently hired a PR firm to help me launch a new trilogy. I've already been an International Bestselling Author. I've made good money as an author. So why do this? Education!

There have been many points that she's gone over that my Marketing Director, Publishing Team, and I already do. But we are certainly learning more. I always think there is room to learn more.

One thing she pointed out was the need for what I call Dedicated Readers.  She called them Super Fans. (I don't care for the term fans, but that's a different post.)

What is a Dedicated Reader? They are the people who follow you daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...and anywhere you might be. They are the readers who will preorder any book you write no matter what. They are your loyal base of readers that will tell the world about you and you (usually) will never let them down.

We were taught that to ensure a book's success on release day, you must have 1,000 Dedicated Readers. Those 1,000 readers will not only rush out to buy that book, they'll tell everyone else to do the same thing.

How do you get these readers? First of all you write a good book. This will help to get them hooked. However, one book is never going to do it. You must keep writing and keep publishing! Most first time authors don't have this kind of base, unless they have been contributing to blogs and Facebook parties leading up to their release.

Dedicated Readers usually will come once an author has a small catalog of books. Something they can get excited about. Series is great for this. If you write series your chances, I think, are much better at building a Dedicated Reader base.

I find that Twitter and Facebook have been my best marketing tools in gaining this reader base for myself. Now, mind you, nothing is free. Yes, you can have Facebook and Twitter for free.  You can post until you're fingers fall off (but then you're not writing are you?) I promote my page and the campaign has been going for nearly two years now. I am climbing toward 12,000 Facebook likes on my Author Page. I don't spend much a day, but I do promote it in that way.

Another way to ensure you get these Dedicated Readers is to interact with them. Readers want to be part of the author's life, because you have become part of theirs the moment they pick up your book. Be present. Be personable. You're there to sell a product.

I asked a few of my Dedicated Readers what made them follow me, or other authors. What made them want to pick up my books and interact? Here is what they had to say.

Lara Lovell said that she found me through one of my free books. (Another topic for another day, but a great way to get readers when you have more than one book.) I write family series and she fell in love with the family. But what drew her to me, as an author, was not only the stories that I write and capture her into, but the fact that she can find me on Facebook and ask me my I did something a certain way--and I answer her.

Ava Marshall said she loves the depth of emotion I put into my books. She says its as if I write from real experience. She too often contacts me on Facebook to discuss my books and because I'm reachable we have created that bond.

Lesli Godfrey said, unlike writing an author in the past, where you never knew if they got it or not, social media offers a new way for readers to connect with their favorite authors. Social media makes it easier for readers to find new talent to follow, as well.

As you can see, writing a good book is KEY! Being accessible and marketing to those who read the material you write is important.

Now that you know what a Dedicated Reader is we can explore where to find them.
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