Friday, December 19, 2014

#AuthorSuccess Part III : Dedicated Readers, How to use them

Dedicated Readers are those readers who will buy your books no matter what. It doesn't have to be part of a series or a certain genre. If you wrote it, they will buy it.

Aside from them making your paycheck, Dedicated Readers are useful in your marketing plan.

A very popular marketing platform is the use of a street team. Usually street teams are formed through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The street team is formed around Dedicated Readers who like to personally interact with the author and will help to promote the author. The street team utilizes the reach of its members to promote the author usually for free. I say usually, because it's nice to recognize your street team by holding giveaways, contests, and discounts.

Your street team is a great source for putting out status updates, tweets, blog posts, and for simply getting the word out about your books. Dedicated readers used in this method are usually very complimentary and loving, so they make you look good.

Dedicated Readers are also a great source pool for beta readers. They love your work. They're going to love to get the chance to read you for free before the book comes out. I usually choose 3-5 random Dedicated Readers to beta read for me. Everyone gets a chance and they get very excited  to have the chance.

Another area they are helpful is when it comes to reviews. Sometimes, if you have enough Dedicated Readers, you'll never have to ask for a review again just to fill that dreaded 10 review minimum that some PR opportunities look for. Dedicated Readers not only run out to buy your book, they suck it down, and then turn around and review. However, it never hurts to ask them for those reviews.

As an author you need Dedicated Readers. As an author, you probably are a Dedicated Reader for at least one author. So think about how you'd do anything for them.

Keep being personal and friendly to your readers and your team of Dedicated Readers will continue to grow. In no time you'll have that 1,000 Dedicated Readers and every book launch will go bestseller!

Good Luck

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