Friday, May 17, 2013

Warrior Princess Interview with author Juliette Hill

Juliette Hill is the pseudonym for a creative writer who is passionate about all things vintage, traveling with her husband and exploring family history.  She enjoys treasure hunting at local antique markets and estate sales, searching for her next great ‘find’ that will spark her imagination.   Her desire to discover the story behind each treasure motivates the writer within.  Juliette’s other interests include planning family gatherings, scrapbooking, cooking, shopping and dining out, to name a few.  Her stories involve multi-dimensional characters and generational plots which bridge the gap between the past and present.  She is currently working on several projects for Annie Acorn Publishing.

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Interview Questions and Answers for Juliette Hill

What's your favorite part about being a writer?
 My favorite thing about being a writer, aside from the fact that I can work just about anywhere, if I have a have a pen and paper, or a computer, is that whatever story or scenario created in my imagination can become part of a storyline or the basis for a novel.  Becoming a full-time writer within the last year and a half has really changed my life, and made once again believe that dreams really can come true.

 Are you a plotter or a pantser?
 I would say that I am definitely a plotter.  Generally, I find that I know my story’s goal and prefer to plot out the course of my storyline.  However, while collaborating on my latest endeavor, a contemporary romantic women’s fiction series, Captain’s Point Stories, with publisher and fellow author Annie Acorn, I’m becoming much more of a punster – writing fits and spurts of story lines or scenes randomly.  I have found this new habit to be energizing and keep me sharp.

What do you hope readers will take with them after reading one of your stories?
With my writings as Juliette Hill, as well as my collaborative endeavors with Annie Acorn, writing as Charlotte Kent, in A Clue for Adrianna, I want readers to feel real emotions and make connections with my mult-generational characters who appreciate their past (families, traditions and heritage) and embrace the future with a hopefulness and confidence that they will be able to successfully meet life’s challenges.

Do you write under more than one name?  Why?
I write under the pseudonym of Juliette Hill for the majority of my literary works.  She represents “One Vintage Heart” (my website/blog identity), appreciating all that has come before and embodying hope for a bright future.
I recently have added the pseudonym Charlotte Kent for my collaboration with publisher and fellow author Annie Acorn, on our new contemporary romantic women’s fiction series, Captain’s Point Stories.  The first installment, A Clue for Adrianna, was released on April 14.
I am using pseudonyms, rather than my real name, because I am writing fiction and I may use my real name whenever I choose to delve into the realm of non-fiction.

 When not writing, how do you relax?
 I generally relax by spending time with my husband, travelling and going to the beach.  There’s nothing more relaxing to me than to hear the soft crashing of the ocean’s waves and watch a beautiful sunset in the process.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
I have several short stories and novellas in the publishing pipeline at Annie Acorn Publishing LLC.  As Charlotte Kent, we have the upcoming release of our second novel in the Captain’s Point Stories series, A Man for Susan, coming out no later than August 1st.


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