Saturday, March 15, 2014

The good ole Chic Flick!

Hello my name is Bernadette Marie and I'm addicted to romantic comedies...chic flicks. I'm not the girl who wants to watch a movie where I'm going to cry all night over. (okay, sometimes a romantic comedy will have this effect, but not always.) What I mean is I want to feel good when I'm done. Just like the books I write and the ones I read, I don't want to still be thinking too hard when I close the cover. I don't want my heart to still be aching.

Many of the male characters I draw from in my books are probably most like those you'd find in a romantic comedy. Let's admit it, the buff and brawn are not your usual romantic comedy type. Tom Hanks, for example. Sure, he's done roles where he was fit as a fiddle. Tough too. But for the most part he is your average, everyday Joe. (And that seems to be a character names he's also had many times if you're counting.) But his characters have, oh let's just say it, a little bit of a nerd quality. Forrest Gump, nerdiest of all roles, and yet you wanted to shake Jenny until her head spun off. C'mon, look at him! Even his tough guy roles (Turner and Hooch, Dragnet) where he was a cop, yeah, you were afraid of him toting a gun. But really, you still loved him because he wasn't perfect.

I'm a sucker for Nora Ephron movies too. And I've blogged about that. And once again we find Tom Hanks in all those lovable character roles. Though I adore Sam in Sleepless in Seattle my love goes to Joe Fox (yes one of his Joe's) in You've Got Mail (which is my go to movie ALWAYS) What an ass! He totally gave us the stuck on himself business man we wanted to loathe. How dare he put Kathleen Kelly out of business. Yet, there was that sweet, nerdy man underneath it all trying to find a real friend via the internet.

We've fallen in love with them all, haven't we? Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey...oh the list goes on and on. And aren't their clumsy, nerdy, romantic comedy roles the ones you cherish over their gun toting, bar fight movies? Admit it, if you grew up in the 80's you fell in love with Patrick Dempsey riding a lawnmower, doing that African tribal dance at prom. Who knew years later that he'd be McDreamy. (Look, even Jackie Chan, Vin Diesel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have done romantic comedies. They know a little quirky goes a long way with the ladies.)

Good ole romantic comedy chic flicks are good for the soul. And good motivation for writing men that need some love. And really, us women, all we want to do is make the ground shake under the feet of a man. And usually that man isn't toting a machine gun, he's toting an iPad with Angry Birds on it.

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