Monday, December 16, 2013

How did I get so far behind? And why am I so happy about it?

Writing this I am not getting done the task I'm working on in another screen (one of 20 open on my computer right now.) Lately I can't get up in the morning (and I'm usually an early riser.) I'm dog tired by 3pm (and I'm not a napper.) I work with a trainer and it's a good thing because I just don't feel like working out. I don't want to eat right. My poor assistant keeps saying, "did you do that thing?" and no...I forgot. The house is a mess. The laundry is behind. Oh and I'm behind deadline on my next book. How crazy is all this? In fact, this blog never got its marketing information on Mondays finished. There is no surprise that sales are down.

Why even blog about this? Because with all this going on I'm deliriously happy.

What have I been doing and not getting my stuff done? Well...Christmas shopping, Christmas wrapping, I gave spelling tests to 3rd graders on Friday and then organized their Friday folders, I had lunch with a childhood friend and my friend who happens to be my C.O.O.. I spent most of last week at the ice rink for practices and most of the weekend at hockey games. For three nights I heard my son's high school choir and orchestra perform their Holiday Collage--a three hour, non stop, concert with all members of the vocal music and instrumental music departments. This a high class performance and worth $10 a ticket! I didn't miss a show. Last night we hosted fifty people for a hockey holiday party. What a great and wonderful night!!!

G's food drive!
Today I woke up hard. Face all swollen. Nose stuffy. Body aching and protesting the move out of bed. But hugging on all my boys before I sent them off to school eased all those aches. Seeing the number of trash bags I accumulated from all the food and drink and gift giving last night made me smile. An hour with a very dear friend filled my heart for days! Walking through the hall where my son his hosting a food drive (because
that is what he wanted to do for his Christmas present) I realize that no matter how behind or how tired I seem to be I'm living the dream life. I'm behind in my own home office, in my business I started, in a career I love. I'm surrounded by love and happiness. I'll have a day soon, I know, where I'll get everything caught up and I'll have time to spare for something else! And until then, I'll try to remember that every breath I breathe in is a bonus one! Every day I get to work and fall behind means I've given myself something to do tomorrow so I'd better make it to tomorrow!

I get down on myself about being behind a lot, but when I look at all the other wonderful things I got to be part of I can't be too mad. I guess I'll just keep plugging away until that next amazing moment comes along. To think about it my hubby will be home very soon...yep...that's stop-working worthy too!

Have a wonderful day and a very special moment!
Bernadette Marie

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