Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Musical Muse- LET IT RAIN by @DavidNail

Continuing on with my Musical Muse Series, today I am featuring the song LET IT RAIN by David Nail.

This song gets me every time! The pleading from a man who had done the ultimate sin of cheating on his wife absolutely rips your heart in two. Usually you're hearing songs from the victim's POV. You know the done me wrong songs. Well this one is an I did wrong song. The song writer's description of how one will forget the rest of the world when the "shades start coming down" is so powerful. And the very simple statement about forgetting to wear that ring for the first time in seven years hits home.  There is not other way to say it, you feel sorry for the SOB. You really do. You see clearly that there is pain in being the dishonest one.

Now, in the song he does come clean about the one night. And from what we understand from the song, it was only one night. As a writer you can imagine it. After all isn't that what good daytime drama is written about? But to know that people deal with this everyday is another story.

When I need to have that gut wrenching moment this is my turn to song. The delivery and the words make you feel that pain. Thank goodness this is nothing I've ever come across, but it's because of lyrics like this performed with such talent that I can feel it course through me.

Below you will find the link to the lyrics so you can see them for yourself. Again, they are very powerful. The video clip is from YouTube. I don't think the video does the song justice at all, but the close ups of the wedding ring--still get me! And lastly David Nail's website. He is a tremendously talented man and I enjoy his work.

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